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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  August 20, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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the search is on if a missing 1-year-old girl. why her disappearance was only recently reported to police even though she has been missing for m. a > >> month. a medical assistant accused of taking advantage of patients at their most vulnerable. a developing story we are following. presidential elects in afghanistan. threats from the taliban taking a tols at th r fono5 morning news continues at 6:00 right now. we'll start you off with a view from above. you can see some low level clouds this morning. kind of humid as well. we'll check in with tony perkins some just a second. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm gurvir dhindsa. we want to talk about severe weather across the united states and a hurricane that weakens in the tropic. first, a possible twister in
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the twin cities. that is amateur video that captured the funnel cloud developing near the minneapolis skyline. it tore off part of a 90-year- old church steeple. other tornadoes were reported in with us wis, iowa and illinois. along the east coast, new york's central park, there were wild winds which uprooted as many as 100 industries. branches littered the upper west side. ig the storms hit tuesday night and nobody was hurt. in the prop ins, hurricat bill has ridiculousenned just a little bit now back to a category three hurricane. -- bill has weakened just a little bit now back to a category three hurricane. >> we are still watching that. tony is going to bring us up to date on what is going on. >> i will concentrate on what is happening here at home. we do have a muggy start to the
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day with with a lot of oucl ds around. no precipitation at this hour. uldn't be shocked in h orthing popped up e er there with th eclouds around. e wethink the precip will hole off until this afternoon. can you see the cloud cover as it pushes into the region this morning. i think it will be more clouds today than sun. currently at reagan national airport, we have a temperature of 74 degrees. relative humidity is up there. you will feel it when you step out t door, 91%. winds are calm. your forecast for today, more clouds than sun. scattered afternoon showers and thunderstorms. highs in the upper 80s to about 90 degrees. we'll have more details on the forecast coming up in just a little bit. >> thank you. let's say good morning to julie wright with a look at traffic. >> good morning, you guys. we have got lanes open right now if you are traveling eastbound along 66. i know for most of the morning, we've been talking about the ramp that was shut down as you travel off of eastbound 66 to head inbound towards the capital beltway. all of that activity has cleared. 66 will slow as you travel
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approaching and passing the exits for 50 fair oaks. no accidents to report along 395. you guys are still in great shape as you continue northbound across the 14th street bridge and head out to the southeast-southwest freeway. had a stalled car inbound new york avenue at west virginia, montana stay to the left to get through. no accidents to report at the wilson bridge. we are in great shape off of both the inner and outer loop of the beltway. you will find great traffic volume as you travel northbound on 95 leaving springfield headed up to the capital beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. > lling ow following presidential elects happening in afghanistan today. 60,000 u.s. force are on the ground there now. >> the taliban is impacting turnout alrey oday. there have been rocket attacks, gun fights and bombings across the country. militant attacks closed 14 polling sites and in one
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southern province, a ocket hit near a line of voters killing a child. hamid karzai's biggest challenger has more support in the north but karzai is still expected to win the election. keep it mere on fox 5. in our 7:00 hour, we'll talk more about what the elects mean for our country when we sit down with a former ambassador to afghanistan. another developing story, a decision in the case of the lockerbie bomber. fox news is reporting that the scottish government will release him on compassionate grounds because he is close to death. the 57-year-old was convicted of taking part in the bombing of pan am flight 103 in 198 #. 259 people on bothered the plane and 11 people on the ground were killed. back here in the united states, senator ted kennedy has sent a letter to leaders in massachusetts asking that they
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change state law to make filling his seat in congress a speedy process. that letter was sent tuesday by his aides insist there is no change in the senator's condition. he was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. he it not attend the funeral for eunice kennedy shriver prompting renewed concerns over his health. new this tro is imposing tougher hiring rules. the new standards went into effect august 3rd. among the new requirements, applicants who have been convicted a felony in past 10 years will be disqualified from operating a train or bus an anyone who has received a dui conviction will have to wait three years before they can apply to work at metr montgomery county police girl who has f a been missing for nearly four weeks. 1-year-old genesis sertio was last seen last month at her
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home on east light drive in silver spring. she is 5'7" weighing around 150- pound with brown eyes and long black hair. police say that she could have been v. gone to stay with somebody. her guardian has been out of the country since june 25th which is why it took so long to report her disappearance. more charges could come against a medical assstant accused of inprospectively touching patients. jorge sanchez was supposed to take vitals being ask health questions but his victims claim he went too far. >> he was not in any way shape or form supposed to be doing any kind of physical examinations. he was not supposed to be -- good gosh, no. in short, no. >> sanchez denies any wrongdoing. look like more tough time ahead for virginia as the state face as a budget shortfall of $1.5 billion. that means deep cuts are in
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order to come up with the cash and v-d.o.t. stands to lose the most, another $900 million. the cut could signal the end of the road for road construction projects. coming up next, the tough economic time taking their toll on all aspects of life. >> we'll tell what you people are doing to cover funeral costs. it rolled out way whole lot of the fanfare and it got a cash infusion when the money was about to run out. now, another big announcement is expected tomorrow in the cash for clunkers program. 
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here is another sign of the tough economic times. demand for publicly funded burials is on the rise if aa lot of cities and counties across the country. it has nearly doubled in los angeles county in the first halfful 2009 to 404 indigent deaths. most counties an states use public money to cremate or bury people who are too poor to pay for private services. the problem has put a major strain on county budgets.
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tomorrow, the government is expected to announce when cash r clunkers will have to wrap up the program. so far, auto dealers have use up nearly $2 billion are on pace to exhaust the program's funds by early september. some dealers are worried they aren't going to get repaid by the government saying they are owed more than $1.3 billion may voluntarily stop accepting trades until they get paid. the government insists everyone will eventually get their check. there is a silver lining to the skyrocketing federal deficit. the white house is expected to announce the deficit will still be a record breaking $1.58 trillion but the white house says it will be $262 bill wrong less than predicted for the current fiscal qer. the drop is mostly as a result of the elimination of a $250 billion contingency fund that the administration had penciled into the gunnellette in case wall street needed more government help. go grab your lottery tickets because we have the winning numbers from last night's $250 million powerball
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jackpot. starting today, new rules kick in for credit card companies. how does your workplace plan to handle the swine flu in we'll run through new guidelines from the government coming up. hearts happy... ...and big heart happy too. because as part of a heart healthy diet... ...those delicious oats in cheerios can help naturally lower cholesterol. (cheerios spilling) cheerios. how can something so little... you do something so big.
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we are coming up on 15 minutes after 6:00 now. new credit card rules take effect today. companies have to now end you a bill at least # 1 days before it is due, give you 45 days notice before raising interest rates and give you the right to reject a rate change and close out your account. it is still a ways off before the most significant changes kick in with include new rate rip increases which won't happen medical february. the winning ticket for more than # 59 million sold in the palmetto state. here are the numbers on your screen. for more than $259 million. the tickets that match the first five numbers get # hundred thousand and those were sold in 1 states.
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maybe megamillions is your instant tick tote wealth. the estimated jackpot is # 07 million the next drawing is tomorrow. --$207 mull onand the -- million and the next drawing is tomorrow. > >>we'll tell butt late -- tell you about the latest on bill hurricane bill remains well out to sea. it's category three hurricane now. it has diminished a little bit but it is still a major hurricane. there is bill and you can see here it is actually encountering a little bit of wind shear on the western side of the storm. that is impacting it. as it continues to move, we do think it could reintensify and become a category four storm. it is moving to the northwest
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at 18 miles per hour. the projected path takes it up into extreme northern new england or nova scotia, some place like that. we do expect to see significant wells here along the east coast of the united states by this weekend. eight to 10-foot swells possible from north carolina to points northward. 74degrees here in washington. 74 in baltimore. frederick, maryland at 73 degrees. we did see showers and thunderstorms yesterday across parts of the viewing area. this were month, mainly some cloud cover but look out to the west. that is a significant cold front thatis going to get through here by the weekend and in advance of that front and along the front, we could see some showers and thunderstorms when it ts through here. also, in advance of it, let me show you the surface map for today. even though today is thursday, the front doesn't get through here until the weekend. warm temperatures and more humidity and another chance of some showers and thunderstorms during the course of the day
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today particularly this afternoon and this evening. forecast for washington for today, a lot of clouds around. scattered afternoon showers and thunderstorms. a 40 to 50% chance of that. high temperature in the upper 80s to 90 degrees. five-day forecast, tomorrow, another chance of showers and thunderstorms. 90 again. temperatures drop off a little bit for the weekend with pore showers and thunderstorms likely on saturday. sunday and monday, we think it will be dry with highs in the mid-80s. that is the late off the the weather. now, let'get more on this morning's rush hour traffic from julie wright. >> i just want to take a quick moment to say we missed you yesterday. you look good and i hope you are feeling better. >> thank you very much. i appreciate it. no accidents to report as you travel the top stretch of the the beltway. right now, we are starting off along # 95. virginia has been hot spot this morning. had problems earlier on 66. that activity cleared and now it is a stalled car squeezing that left lane northbound 395 before you reach duke street. now, if you are traveling the
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top stretch of the beltway headed into silver spring, no incidents to report. had a crash on the inner loop of the beltway. that has been moved to the shoulder. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. world leaders are gathered here in washington to take on swine flu fears. they wrapped up a conference yesterday as part of a global effort to get out ahead of a possible fall outbreak. federal officials are urging businees to get swine flu plans if place now like cross training employees to fill vital positions. they are all encouraging basic preventive measures like hand washing and using designated sick days. >> if the employees exhibit flew-like symptoms, they shouldn't come to work. if an employee shows symptoms during the work day, the cdc recommends that that employee be asked to go home. >> another message leaders hope to get out is to get the seasonal flu shot. that is the first line of
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defense until the swine flu vaccine is ready. our business beat coming up after the break. you can't hide from the irs p a major move in its effort to make sure that everyone, no matter how wealthy, is following the rules. and as we go to awe break right now, the german chancellor named the most powerful woman in the world according to forbes. this is her fourth year topping that list. at number 2 is sheila bear and the pepsico ce oa. is number three. -- ceo is number three.
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♪ just need that mountain grown lift ♪ ♪ before you share your gift ♪ ♪ now there's rhythm and sound ♪ making their hearts pound ♪ the best part of wakin' up... ♪ ♪ is folgers in your cup welcome back. caught on camera, a million dollar plus heist at a j. c.
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penney. it happened at a store in covington, louisiana. a group of thieves cut a hole in the roof of a store and lowered themselves down by a rope. police say they were even able to disarm the alarm. police think the burglars may be connected to a group that has already hit four other j. c. penney stores around country ypt interesting tsee what they got a million bucks there. the irs will do whatever it takes to make sure everyone is paying what they're supposed to automatic major swiss bank will have to give up the names of thousands of americans who the government thinks has something to hide. first, let's talk about the parkette with chris cotter. today, we are watching retail numbers. what is going on? >> yeah, and about of we get it that, i'm he with you on that j. c. penee deal. what did they drive a couple of 18-wheelers back there and fill them up with a million dollars worth of stuff. that was quite some heist. let's talk about retail here and sears, another big box kind old school retailer just
6:25 am
announcing their earnings. that will help drive the market today. sears doing better the earning per share line here. 17 cents the loss. sears and can't mart are under the same roof now. sears holding company. we are game stop later on in the day. that will drive the markets. up 61 points yesterday and that is because of oil and energy names. early in the day, we got oil inventories and they came in a lot less than we thought they were going to be. that trove the price of oil up. exxon, chevron went along with it and all other equity names followed suit. we went to a positive day at the close from a down day in the morning. the irs is trying to crack down on the offshore accounts. chance of being successful here? should people be worried if they are holding these accounts? >> well, if you have offshore accounts, what is being recommended by a lot of accountants if you will out there is to report these offshore accounts to the irs
6:26 am
because what is happening here and you mentioned this, the big swiss bank, lots of u.s. clients have accounted there and they've been resisting information to the irs. they will give up about 4500 names and the information on those peopleto the irs so they can start finding people that are trying to evade taxes by opening these offshore acts. ubs is just the fits of probably many banks that will strike similar deals with the irs. so the word is the irs is serious about tracking you down if you are evading taxes. if you have an offshore account, you have nothing to hide, just report that account now to avoid further investigation later. >> your stock of the day is google. this is one that seems to defy the odds when it comes to the way the mark hes have been going recently. >> peeking about a million dollars. google, when they went public five years ago yesterday, they made a thousand employees instant millionaires. they had 3,000 employees. a third of them became instant
6:27 am
million airs. the stock went up 18% in the first day. it doubled in the first two months. and it is now up 350% from the day that it went public five years ago yesterday, steve. the s&p is down 9% in the same period. >> yet google is still having amazing numbers. >> $300 a share. >> we'll continue to follow developing news out of afghanistan with tens of thousand of u.s. forces there on the ground p the outcome of today's presidential electioning being watched closely. we'll find out how the taliban is asking turnout. here at ho, a medical assistant is accused of violating more than patient's trust. police are worried there may be victims out there. 
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in montgomery county, police are looking if a girl who has been missing since the 25th of july. the 12-year-old was last seen at her home on east light drive in silver spring. id ag we and weighing about 1 pounds. she has brown eyes and long black hair. anybody with information on her whereabouts is asked could contact montgomery county police. there is just about an hour left for voter in afghanistan to go to the polls to elect next president.
6:31 am
turnout it is low because of concerns over taliban violence. more than a dozen polling sites were closed after militant attacks and a child was killed when one rocket hit near a line of voter has one area. hamid karzai is still favored to win the presidential elect. the gun debate is heating up here along with a health care overhaul. this man is carrying a gun outside a rally where president obama was speaking. he was just one of a dozen people headed to protests there and in new hampshire armed. d.c. delegate eleanor holmes norton is calling for gun-free zones around the president an cabinet officials. a secret service speck person tells fox 5 that the arizona and new hampshire protestors did not have any proximity to the president and they were not deemed a threat. we are focused on humidity as far as the weather goes here. >> humid conditions across the area.
6:32 am
humidity is up 91%. it will drop later on today. that is a nice shot of the washington monument. you can see the clouds that we have over us this morning. you can almost sense the humidity out there. it will be a steamy one, folks, once again but we're used to it now. we do have quite a few clouds over us this morning. i think we'll see a fair amount of cloud cover today. there is your precipitation from yesterday. some folks got it, some did we . typical for this time of year. right now, there is precipitation across central portions of nvirginia but not here in the washington area. current temperature look like this. 74 here had tease. norfolk, virginia as 77 degrees. your day planner for today, plenty of clouds around. about a 40 to 50% chance of showers and thunderstorms this afternoon and this evening. high temperature today in the upper 80s to right about 90 degrees. also, in 15 minutes, return of
6:33 am
ask the weather guy. today's questions a scientific one. i think i know the answer to it. i'm going to try to hand it off to tucker. >> can you have him on stand by. >> i hope he knows it. if not, it is up to you two. >> i was going to say, what i'm, chopped liver? >> you may have a shot at this one. >> well, it has to do with food or laying out at the beach. >> this has to do with food. >> i am your girl. i got your back. if it's got lard in it, it is all good. this is where we have the stalled car. the activity still if play tying up the left side of the roadway causing a backup before you reach the beltway heading northbound on 395 trying to get past landmark. no accidents to report south on 270. not a bad ride at all headed out towards the split. inbound new york avenue, traffic will slow as you make
6:34 am
your way from from south dakota avenue. a medical assistant if fairfax county accused of crossing the line inside the exam room. >> police arrested him for inappropriately touching women at a doctor's office in chantilly. matt ask land is covering the story for us. he is live with more. >> reporter: good morning. that is what authorities are concerned about. they have made this arrest based on two cases, had man allegedly victimizing two women in the clinic behind me but as you were saying, there is a big concern there could be other women out there who were also inappropriately touched by this man. we are talking about jorge sanchez. police believe it went down inside the chantilly specialists office. the owners of the clinic have been talking us, diussing
6:35 am
these alleged crimes. they say in a 4-hour period, three female patients complained about sanchez. when they got the first complaint, sanchez was no longer allowed to have any contact with any patient. police say the two known victims are ages 27 and 28. the alleged crime happened between july 0th and august 6th. >> he was not in any way shape or form supposed to be doing any kind of physical examinations. he was not supposed to be -- god gosh, no. in short, no. >> reporter: jorge sanchez was arrested in hagerstown where he turned himself in. he was then transported to the fairfax county jail. once again, police out there are asking for any type of information. if you were a patient here at this clinic and something inappropriate happened to you, especially late july, early august, police would like to hear from you.
6:36 am
matt ackland, fox 5 news. back to you. >> thank you. and now to a disturbing case in arlington where police have a suspect in custody in last month's shooting at an apple store. he was already in custody asit turns out. officials a 21-year-old byron dean is the gunman seen if surveillance video. they say he rang the doorbell at the apple store in clarendon and then shot the female employee who opened the door. he was in jail for an unrelated crime two weeks following the shoot shooting and he has been there since. recently discovered record show the virginia tech shooter denied homicidal thoughts to the counselor a year and a half before the shooting. he denied having any deadly thoughts. there is no evidence the counselors were worried that he would turn violent. the commonwealth is drowning in red ink and everybody has to learn how to do more with less. governor kaine has announced a $1.5 billion budget shortfall
6:37 am
and no department will be spared, even public schools. v-d.o.t. stands to lose the most. >> inconvenience? this is like a hemorrhoid. >> getting anything done in d.c. can certainly take a long time and now budget cuts are making it even more difficult to get things done at the dmv. one of the district's four center is closed. bob barnard got in mind with some customers who are driving mad. >> you're sure i can do it here? where. >> yes, ma'am. >> reporter: at the georgetown dmv center, temperatures inside were boiling. >> complete and utter chaos. >> i've been getting licenses since 1978 and i've never seen it like this. >> it has taken the whole day. >> reporter: scores of frustrated drivers waiting to take care of business. >> i just moved here and i'm trying to get a parking permit so can i park on the street at night. and to think that i've got to wait all day to do that. >> reporter: susan jensen says she's been here going on four
6:38 am
hours. >> i'm just renewing the license but you have to stand in line to even pick up a form to fill out and then once you fill out the form, you get a number. and you wait. >> reporter: this at a dmv center once considered a secret. >> i used to come during the year and i would be here for like 30 minutes and get all my stuff together and then we came yesterday at like 1:00 and the line was around the block. >> reporter: this has its roots in the closing of the dmv office in northeast. >> they told me i had to come down here. >> the ripple effect being felt at the three remaining dmv centers. >> i think this is something we need to look at. it is unacceptable. >> reporter: officials say closing this brentwood office would save the city more than $1.6 million in the next fiscal year and they encourage residents and customers to use the internet to conduct their dmv business if at all possible. they say on-line usage is up 36% in the past year.
6:39 am
still, there are some things can you not take care of easily. >> i tried to do it on-line and it turned out i have an old d.c. license which had a social security number as the identification number and they are not accepting those renewals on-line. >> reporter: we are told there is no good line to show up. long waits, morning, noon and at closing time. >> bob barn barnard, fox 5 news. ahead this morning, if swine flu sfriekz, what will your workplace do in the government is out with new guidelines that could mean have you to pick up some new skills on the job. stay with us. fox 5 morning news is coming ck right after the break. it is now 6:39. dad, could you help me build a sand castle?
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if you want your children
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to aim for the best, start thinking harvard or princeton. the two ivy league schools tied for top university in the country. that is according to u.s. news and world report annual ranking of america's best colleges. yale came in third. johns hopkins in 14th. georgetown was 23rd and the university of virginia placed 4th. cold and flu season around the corner and it includes the h1n1 virus. >> just be warned that government officials admit the swine flu vaccine isn't ready just yet. to help cope, they are urging americans to work smarter, not harder. james rosen explains. >> reporter: when flu season coughs and sneezes into full swing in a few week, the nation's top homeland security official acknowledged it will still be months before the u.s. has full access to the 195 million doses of h1n1 virus vaccine now on order. >> we are asking individuals to anticipate an incident of flu
6:44 am
that we don't yet have vaccine prepared for. there will be a gap. >> reporter: other top obama administering officials said more doses of the vaccine for the h1n1 virus or ine flu will be purchased. >> we never antiipated that all the vaccine would be available day one. >> there are efforts under way as we speak to increase the number of doses that are available to address this situation. >> reporter: the officials are urging employers to administer seasonal flu shots available now and to prepare for great are an isn't ism. >> in america being with love to praise the puritan work ethic and with reason. but this fall, it would serve the country better to praise common sense and responsibility. >> reporter: after touring critical infrastructure sites in the gulf coast on monday, the homeland security secretary said he was assured the oil and gas sector is prepared for potential disruption. >> right now, this virus has
6:45 am
not mutated. most likely scenario is a heavier than usual flu season, perhaps mirroring what happened in the late 1950s. >> that was awe reference today asian flu of 1957 which killed two million people worldwide, about 70,000 here in the states. the regular flu killed upwards of 5 # thousand just three years ago. in wash, james rosen, fox news. the kids cable network ckelodeon is hoping to bring fun back it the big easy as the company lands to open up a theme park at this site of the hurricane damaged sick flags. they are hoping to security $150 million in gulf opportunity zone bonds. the six flags park has been closed since hurricane katrina struck in 2005. we've got another hurricane out there that i know you fellows have been watch for the last several days. >> what is on with bill? >> hurricane bill continuing to churn out in the atlantic. still a nglo way away from any land. it is a long way away from the
6:46 am
leeward islands. a long way way from bermuda as well. here is bill. it has been encountering some wind shear on the western side of the storm. it is flattened out there but it still has a well-defined eye. it continues to move for the northwest at about 18 miles per hour. it is a category thee hurricane, maximum sustained winds, 125 miles per hour. we think it will impact the east coast of the united states in terms of giving us large swells, heavy wave action along the coast from nortcarolina northward. let's take a look at what is happening closer to home. our current temperatures and our satellite-radar, first of all, clouds in over us this morning. we'll see a good a cloud cover today. out to the west, a pretty significant cold front. eventually, it will get here and we'll have cooler, drier air for the weekend and into the beginning of next week. it won't be cool by any stretch of the imaination but it will be in the mid-80s instead the mid-90s. we'll see showers and thunderstorms develop with that. for today, here what is we're looking at.
6:47 am
a lot of clouds around today. scatter afternoon showers and thunderstorms. high, upper 80s to around 90 degrees downtown. then to tonight, another chance of some showers and thunderstorms. patchy late night fog, late knit and early tomorrow morning. overnight low about 74 degrees downtown. five-day forecast, tomorrow, more of the sa except a better chance of showers and thunderstorms. high again, upper 80s to around 90. saturday, pardon me. showers and thunderstorms are possible. 87 for your high. then that trier air makes its way n t here. we'll see the highs in mid-80s. time now for ask the weather guy. where he, boys and girls. it is the segment where tucker barnes and i put our big scientific weather heads together to answer your most pressing questions weather- related or otherwise. today's question is from paul briton p he writhe writes how and why do cold cans and bottles sweat? it would seem like something that wouldn't happen because you think of sweat being you
6:48 am
think you have to have a living organism to sweat. but cold bottles do when they are subjected to the warm air. i will let tuck handle this one. i want to say it is condensation. >> it is. >> why does it happen? >> he added he didn't pay attention in science class. >> he did. >> i'll explain it real quick here. it is meteorology 101. what happens here is the warm the air the more water vapor it can hold. so outside, you notice it is a very humid and there is a whole lot of water vapor out there. we have in a container and we cool the container. i put ice in both of these and we cole the container. the very cool inside of the cup here conduct the cooler air to the outside surface. when the warm air comes in contact with cooler air, now, cooler a can't hold nearly as much moisture. it causes condensation.
6:49 am
that is why you get sweaty beer mugs and all sorts of things that humid. there is another look at t this is insulated. has a little vodka in here too. it is still sweating just a little bit so it is very humid outside. >> if that has vodka in it, you're going to be sweating. >> going to be running in the 70s. >> tass true. >> so the moisture on the outside of the bottle -- unlike when human beings, we sweat, we get rid of the moisture that is inside of our body. that is not the moisture that is inside the bottle coming out. >> it is the actual -- this is just coming from the outdoors and it is the air in contact with the surface. >> so, if you like the silr container right now, you would not taste vodka? >> no, i would not. >> for a lot of reasons because there is no vodka in there.
6:50 am
>> thank you , tucker. thank you, paul. >> let's go to julie wright. >> you wonder why we're always in a cheerful food at fox 5 morning news. the traffic volume slowing leaving 95 head around towards georgia avenue. this is the ride southbound 2 # 0 leading gaithersburg. all systems get as you continue out towards rockville. nice easy commute on 355 for those continuing southbound leaving urbana headed out towards the lane divide. no accidents to report along that stretch. northbound i-95, heavy slow and steady, newington, springfield. the activity now gone. inbound new york avenue, nice and clear right now as you continue west of bladensburg road headed into the third street tunnel. but getting there, that will be a tough ride for you. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. learning has never been
6:51 am
limbited to the classroom. is morning, fox 5's beth parker shows us how one man inspired by something in his own childhood is showing children something a whole new way on-line. >> reporter: from his home in great falls, virginia, eric gar finkle is sending kids around the world. >> if we can inspire young people to find their interest and path and to think about how they can make a difference in the world, then we can make the world better place. >> has been a lawyer, businessman and an stand secretary of commerce but in some ways, he is still a kid. oo that is the ebgidfru the '64 fair which is a seminal event in my life. >> he grew up in queens just one subway stop down from the 1964 world's fair. that experience inspired him to create this internet fair called wonder rotunda. kids can travel from africa's serengeti right into the human
6:52 am
digestive system. watch out. it can get ugly. >> all travelers, activate your stabilizers. >> reporter: from the strength of the stomach to the lessons of history. >> it was considered in 1884. >> reporter: wonder rotunda even makes a stop here in washington and it is definitely a vip tour. >> from inside our government -- >> reporter: he tested wonder row tupped on a focus group, his own four kids. >> were they tough critics? >> yes, absolutely. they said dad, don't make at this attention book. >> reporter: but parents are welcome to come along for the ride by creating their own wonder rotunda persona. >> it has no chat rooms, free of ads. >> reporter: the game targets children from age six to 12. a game show tests what kids learn and allows them to earn
6:53 am
wonder dollars to buy animated prizes. >> this has been a two-year labor of love. >> reporter: eric is hoping kids love it as much as he does. >> the out are reaches of the solar system. >> beth parker, fox 5 news. fox 5 on call with a warning about fish as a recent government study found traces of mercury in every fish tested are from floorly 300 streams nationwide. only one quarter had levels considered unsafe if you ate it. emig coal-fired power plants are the largest source of mercury contamination in the united states. the life expectancy in the u.s. is up to i new high of nearly 78 years on average. the inis due mainly to falling death rates in almost all the leading causes of death. japan leads the world though in life expectancy ve aag er average of 8 # years for children born recently -- 83 years for children born recently. holly is more at the
6:54 am
national mall with a star sighting happening there later this morning. we'll be right back. 
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look, you love your new routan. you love the german tuned suspension. you love not having to pay for scheduled maintenance,you- i love what you've done with your hair. we'll take it. >> reporter: good morning, everybody. i'm holly morris. and on this thursday i'm going on record as saying, i am a bonafide gleek. not geek. but i feel one standing here
6:58 am
right now. and it has everything to do with the new fox show called glee. it will inspire the under g in all of us. it is about an optimistic teacher trying to save the mckinley high school glee club. and it is what i call high school musical with an edge. it's a show i think you will like. and we do have big things planned this morning and the word is some of the cast members will join us this morning to talk about their hit show. and then of course one of the things that has precipitated from this is that many are becoming cool. one a local one coming out, trouble in paradise, and we'll talk about how you can be a gleek too. >> great, holly, thank you so much into and if you're looking for something to do this weekend, come on out to eastern
6:59 am
market. steve and allison and i will be there from 10:00 until 1:00 and we would love to see you out there. and speaking of steve and allison, they are in now to bring you the rest of the news. good morning. >> thanks, gurvir. coming up on fox 5 morning news, we're following three big stories developing while you slept overnight. amid threats of violence from the taliban, voters are heading to the polls for elections in afghanistan today. polls remain open for another half an hour. this will shape the future of afghanistan but could also greatly affect the american presence in the country. we'll talk to the former ambassador to afghanistan. ednd>>e k ty nnloedki o to the future. his wish to change a state law to find his replacement into and hurricane bill weakens but remains. it's impact on local


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